Community Donations

Looking for silent auction items or raffle prizes to use at your next fundraising event?
At Ocean Blue Car Wash, we proudly support local charities and nonprofit organizations. If you would like your group to be considered for a donation, please submit the following form and allow up to 4 weeks for processing. 
Apply Online | Print the PEF and mail form to:
Fundraising & Charity Programs
Ocean Blue Car Wash
7837 E. Hwy 69
Prescott Valley, AZ 86333
Donation Guidelines
Ocean Blue Car Wash Fundraising & Charity program is intended to assist nonprofit organizations located in the Arizona cities and town where Ocean Blue Car Wash has a presence.
Ocean Blue offers a variety of resources to support local charitable efforts, with a primary focus on donations of car wash services.
To be considered for a donation, an organization must:
Be a registered © (3) nonprofit organization. Donations will not be provided to individuals or to fundraising efforts for the
  benefit of a single person.
Be located in an Arizona city or town where Ocean Blue Car Wash conducts business.
Identify the event/activity for which a donation is sought, and the specific amount of the requested donation.
Submit the completed request form attached to these guidelines at least four weeks in advance of the event/activity.
Review Process
All written requests are reviewed by the operations management team.
All written responses will be sent approximately two weeks following receipt of the request.
Donations requests are evaluated based on the organization’s ability to meet Ocean blue’s donation guidelines, with
  consideration of prior commitments made to organizations with a similar purpose.
Only contributions will be made to an approved organization in a calendar year.
In most cases, approved donations will not exceed $200 in car wash services, provided in the form of ticket vouchers, wash
  passes or complimentary wash cards.
In some cases, a Complete Detail gift certificate (exceeding $200 value) may be approved for donation.
Schools, churches, and related youth and community groups may also apply for funding through Ocean Blue’s 50-50 Fundraising    
  Program. The 50-50 program provides an opportunity for these types of organizations to raise money through car wash
  ticket/book product sales.