Our Process

Our car wash system optimizes six elements:
1. Combination of specially formulated, bio-degradable cleaning solutions.
2. More room for dwell time.
3. A washing process we call Gentle Touch.
4. Three stage rinse applications utilizing spot free water with a high output water softener.
5. More room in our drip space area.
6. Specially configured, state of the art air drying systems.
Specially Formulated, Bio-Degradable, Non-Hazardous Cleaning Solutions
They are non-acidic, non-caustic and phosphate free!
More Room for Dwell Time
The more time the soap (which is sprayed on the car at the beginning of the washing process) stays or ‘dwells’ on the car, the more effective it is in loosening the dirt and residue from your car’s finish. Ocean Blue’s convey is 125 Feet long. That gives us a lot of space for multiple Wet Friction applications during which the soap is allowed to dwell on the car’s surface. The shorter the conveyor, the less room there is for the application of whatever the friction medium to the soapy surface of the car, and the shorter the dwell time results.
A Washing Process we call Gentle Touch
Use of cleaning equipment that touches your car is a fundamental part of car washing. Unless you put your car through a so-called ‘touchless’ car wash, which mostly likely subjects it to the application of acid-based cleaning chemicals and high –pressured blasts of water. When you wash your car at home with a soft sponge, you are using a cleaning wash cloth or sponge which touches your car. Chances are, you use a sponge and a soap bucket in the driveway. This is worse for your car than any commercial car wash process, even the acid-based ones. The fact is, if your car is fairly dirty, it is virtually impossible to get it really clean without using equipment that touches the car. There are two key elements to the use of touch in the car washing process so that it has no potential to leave a blemish in your car’s finish: 
1. The nature of the cleaning equipment.
2. 2. The mechanics of the touching.
Ocean blue uses a washing process that we call The Gentle Touch System. We use only constantly irrigated, very soft polishing cloth as its washing medium. The car is presoaked and a high-lubricity cleaning foam is sprayed on. Then gently turning cylinders of continuously irrigated polishing cloth ribbons are rotated clockwise and counter clockwise at just the right distance from the car so that only the tips of the very wet, very soft cloth touch the car.  The counter rotation is crucial. The distance of the cylinders from  the car is crucial, automatically adjusted by our system for the each car, specifically. Once through the cylinder array, the car passes through irrigated curtains, called mitters, of the same polishing cloth. The mitters are gently drawn back and forth across the car’s foamed surface. By the time the car passes through the various applications of Gentle Touch, the cleaning foam has dwelled on the car’s surface for over a minute. The dwell time in combination with the Gentle Touch has washed your car clean. There is nothing in the process that can blemish your car’s finish.
Three Stage Rinse Application Utilizing Spot Free Water with High Output Water Softener
Ocean Blue uses three, high volume rinses in sequence. The first rinse is reclaimed water. The second rinse is fresh water that is reclaimed after it is used, and the third rinse is fresh water that has been through a reverse osmosis process that removes the minerals from the water to deliver the car spot-free to the high power air blowers. It is also reclaimed after it is used. After all that, no soap residue remains by the time the car reaches the drip space on the conveyer.
More Room for Drip Space
Ocean Blue promises you a clean and dry car. By the time we get your car through our second rinse arch, it is clean. Now we have to get it dry. Our first secret is what we call ‘drip space’. 
Because we have such a long conveyer, we have a lot of room between the second rinse arch and the high blowers to have nothing working on your car except gravity. It is an area we call the drip pad. Literally – nothing happens – as the car passes over the drip pad except water dripping off, pulled off by simply gravity. Using gravity isn’t just a good idea – it’s the law. It goes a long way toward drying your car, as once it enters the high powered blowers, much of the water is already gone.
Specially Configured State-of-the-Art Drying System
Our second secret to a really dry car is our high powered blowers. We use a large amount of powerful, individually timed and aimed blowers. Most car washes don’t use as many blowers as we do. In fact, many so called ‘express’ lanes in full service car washes have to use teams of hand driers on your car after it leaves the tunnel to get it dry because they don’t have room for enough blowers. In many car washes, if you watch, the blowers don’t push the water down and off your car, they push it across the car. If the water drops aren’t pushed down and off, a significant number remain on the car when it exits the tunnel. As you drive away, they blow back on your windshield. Ocean Blue’s high powered blowers are aimed to push the water down and off your car, and we are equipped with enough air blowers to get the job done.