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How Fast Pass Plan Works

Fast Pass is a plan for "Customers on the Go" that wish to get in and out quickly.  Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and our Auto Sentry (express pay station), Fast Pass wirelessly approves your "Unlimited" monthly pass and allows the customer's vehicle through the gate and into the car wash tunnel.

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We install a small tag on the windshield that is concealed and out of the drivers view.  As your vehicle approaches the pay station, a RFID reader scans the tag. Our POS system then assures that the vehicle is eligible and determines the type of service the vehicle is to receive. After the tag is read, a receipt is printed, the gate goes up and the vehicle is placed in the queue for processing into the tunnel. It makes for a fast and easy transaction. Your credit card is billed each month on the 30 day anniversary date of your enrollment to continue plan. You may cancel at anytime after your first billed monthly cycle.  See brochure for terms and conditions. Unlimited Car Washes starting at $15.99 per month.


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Terms & Conditions