Ocean Blue Car Wash is one of the premier car wash and auto appearance centers in Arizona, offering you more choices and flexibility in your car care appearance and needs.
Established in 2004, Ocean Blue’s express locations offer a 3 minute Express Exterior with Free Vacuums.
Ocean Blue Car Wash uses the exclusive Wave Wash process, which incorporates technologically advanced, closed cell materials such as Neoglide and MicroClean. These Micro Fiber soft cloth materials do not hold water, dirt or grit and thereby cannot damage your car’s finish like other older systems. Both Neoglide and MicroClean fabrics are designed to be extremely gentle on today’s soft, clear-coat cars. This, combined with a generous amount of rich, lubricating soaps, completely eliminate concerns about pulling and tugging on your car’s exterior parts. The wash process has been proven to lengthen the life span of the finish of your car, thereby enhancing resale value.
Our Value Pricing and Speed of Service (3 Minute Exterior Express with Free Vacuums) can’t be done at home, by a charity function, or at a gas station car wash.

All our services are performed by a staff of highly trained personnel who care about you, the customer.